I’m a greedy man

Have we redefined what greed is?  Is greed different from our parent’s definition?  Is it an inseparable part of human nature?  Earthbound, weighted and tied down, can we ever transcend beyond it?  I turned to my mid-century(1951) Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary for a ‘point in time’ reference where greed is defined simply as; “Acquisitive desire beyond reason; greediness.”  Flash forward to the present, the online merriam-webster dictionary defines greed as “a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed”.  The current popular definition according to Wikipedia defines greed as “…a sin of excess.”

We all know what greed is because we’ve all experienced it to some extent at some point in our lives.  Greed grows out of needs gone unchecked. Greed can be its own reason for being. It’s self-sustaining but it needs a host to exist.  It’s as intangible as air but it can manifest itself in material form.  To survive, greed can camouflage itself as being something other than the obvious.  Greed has the ability to render itself
invisible especially to the host.  Can this parasite be removed without harm to the host?  It’s not an alien lifeform, it’s as human as we are.

Perhaps evolution will occur when we can realize personally and as a society where the “acquisitive desire beyond reason” comes from and how we fit that realization in with our moral compass.  In our day to day lives, perhaps evolution is by personal choice.

3 1/2 lbs.

3 1/2 lbs., the approximate weight of the average human brain.  It’s time to think and act above average.