Unnatural Gas Or What’s That Smell?

Natural gas and energy commercials have been leaking onto the airwaves for a number of years now. Lately, there seems to be more of them. Apparently, the sponsor wants to prepare us for a progressively aggressive sell of energy research and development.
A recent TV commercial depicts a group of college science students discussing the pros and cons of natural gas research and development. One student has reservations but the others students explain how new research and development is clean, environmentally safe and creates jobs. The student is won over.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out in reality. Our country has an aging and outdated energy infrastructure of natural gas and power lines. Combine the decay of the systems with changing weather patterns and the stress on the systems increases. Global warming has produced record breaking conditions that will continue indefinitely.
No energy extraction is without risks to the environment. The ill effects have become more prominent as they have begun to occur with more frequency; nuclear meltdowns, oil spills, ground and water contamination, mining accidents etc. The number of people affected by these disasters is in the millions. The stress of this on the economy will eventually reach critical mass. Which will it be; evolution, revolution or depopulation?
I’d like to be an optimist on this one.  I like to think there will be a change in the way we do business with our planet.  A change that will be symbiotic not parasitic.


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